We are Syndeticom
Trusted solutions partners for over 25 years
Syndeticom specialises in communication technology, with services ranging from ICT infrastructure through to end-user solutions. With offices across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, we service not only Australian-based customers, but also clients globally as a partner to the LantroVision Global Alliance Partnership.

About Us

With over 25 years industry experience delivering quality installations and solutions to a variety of markets, Syndeticom has earned a reputation for innovation, excellence and quality. Founded in 1992 by Randall Lumbewe, the name Syndeticom comes from the Greek word 'syndetic', meaning 'to connect'. Thus, Syndeticom means connecting communications - something we've been doing for over 25 years. Today, Syndeticom maintains its focus on quality and service to our range of clients, specialising in consultation and design to deliver full turn-key solutions.

Our portfolio of services ranges from communications infrastructure, electrical & data cabling and data centre services to unified communications solutions, audio visual, remote hands and design services. We work across a broad range of industries and have specialist experience across the education, finance, government, data centre, commercial, and construction & fitout sectors, and our team of experienced professionals combine highly technical backgrounds with a strong customer service focus.

With our focus on innovation and diversification of our offerings, Syndeticom continues to grow with many highly-experienced individuals joining our rapidly-growing team. No challenge is too small or too big for us, and our ever-increasing list of happy clients is testament to our team’s commitment to building long-term partnerships. We value the relationships we have with our clients and view each as a long-term arrangement; we provide service to ensure we meet not only our goals for our services but the client’s goals.

LanTro Global Alliance Partners

In 2005 Syndeticom became the first alliance partner for the LanTro Global Alliance Partners (LGAP), a US$400m global organisation comprised of like-minded, accredited, specialist cabling infrastructure service providers across the globe.

LGAP is comprised of partners from every continent, with our main base being registered in Singapore. Partners include industry mega-weights such as LantroVision in Asia, USIS in North America, LMGIQ in the UK,W-TEC in Europe, Interconnect in South Africa and Apecatu (formerly DMI) in South America.  Syndeticom has been the Australian partner since 2005 and up until early 2018 when we welcomed Teltrac Communications Limited as the New Zealand partner, Syndeticom was also acting as the New Zealand partner too.  Syndeticom hosted the LGAP annual key partners meeting in Sydney in 2018.

Not only does this alliance give LGAP members enormous global buying power, it also enables global knowledge-sharing, meaning Syndeticom stands at the forefront of innovation and technology in Australia’s ICT landscape. We are able to offer our global clients a unique service experience; dealing with key suppliers in each operating country, rather than dealing with one supplier on one continent and having to liaise through subcontractors – usually with time-zone frustrations and headaches.

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Meet Syndeticom's Senior Leadership Team

Founder & Managing Director

Randall Lumbewe

Syndeticom was founded in 1992 by Randall Lumbewe, and to this day the business maintains its strong focus on service and quality. Led by an executive team of passionate individuals, Syndeticom focuses not only on the longevity of our clients, but our employees too.

Executive Team

Executive Director

Linden Lumbewe

Commercial Director

Steve Judges

Operations Manager

Mark Smithers

General Manager

Duncan MacLennan

The Syndeticom Vision

Bringing the latest connectivity technologies and services to market whilst maintaining the highest level of service and quality, with a fun, energetic and cohesive team focused on innovation.