LanTro Global Alliance Partnership
An alliance of like-minded, accredited, specialist cabling infrastructure service providers.
Syndeticom is the Australian partner of this US$400m global organisation, the largest voice & data cabling contractor alliance in the world.

In 2005 Syndeticom became the first alliance partner for the LanTro Global Alliance Partnership (LGAP), a US$400m global organisation comprised of like-minded, accredited, specialist cabling infrastructure service providers across the globe.

LGAP is comprised of partners from every continent, with our main base being registered in Singapore. Partners include industry mega-weights such as LantroVision in Asia, USIS in North America, LMGIQ in the UK,W-TEC in Europe, Interconnect in South Africa and Apecatu (formerly DMI) in South America.  Syndeticom has been the Australian partner since 2005 and up until early 2018 when we welcomed Teltrac Communications Limited as the New Zealand partner, Syndeticom was also acting as the New Zealand partner too. LGAP is the only alliance of it’s kind in the world and is the largest voice & data cabling contractor alliance across the globe.

LGAP partners utilise its global network to deploy best-in-class solutions with access to resources at a consistently high quality, at a predictable lower cost under a single SLA schedule, anywhere in the world. This avoids the risk and expense of contracting unknown, unproven local organisations.

Not only do LGAP members enjoy enormous global buying power, which allows its members to offer highly-competitive solutions to local clients, but the alliance also enables global knowledge-sharing, meaning our partners are always at the forefront of industry changes. The annual LGAP Key Members meeting brings our partners together from all over the world to meet and discuss local developments and share knowledge across industry trends.

LGAP’s global service catalogue includes:

  • Major cabling projects for both work-space and data centre environments
  • Frame work agreements for ongoing deployment services
  • Support services including MAC, break fix, equipment refresh/racking and stacking in both work-space and data centre environments
  • Professional services including; cabling design, project management and intelligent infrastructure management solutions

LGAP provides customers with a consistent, high quality of service at a lower cost whilst delivering an unsurpassed level of service management information and control across all territories. LGAP customers receive:

  • High quality, global service catalogue
  • A guaranteed, global SLA framework
  • Online, real-time global service management reporting & financial control
  • A consistent global pricing methodology and control in local currencies
  • Global account governance process
  • An option for a single point of contractual engagement and responsibility

Visit the LGAP official website to find out more about the alliance and our partners.