Alliance Partners
To support our customers across the globe, we have chosen to partner with companies that maintain the same working ethos, "can do" attitude and best of breed technologies.
We recognise we can't be all things to all people in this world, which is why the alliance partners we have chosen provide a complementary addition to our arsenal of products and services, and vice versa for us to them. Speak with us today to discuss why we have chosen to partner with our vendors and find out why others choose to partner with Syndeticom.

For our international customers, Syndeticom is the Australian partner within the LanTro Global Alliance Partnership (LGAP) and this enables us to deliver our services and expertise throughout Asia, North America, South America, Europe and South Africa despite the distance and differing time zones.

The LanTro Global Alliance is the largest communications alliance in the world delivering engineered and best of breed cabling systems together with ongoing maintenance and support.

Through the LanTro Global Alliance Syndeticom has achieved a true global presence and delivers a reliable global service to customers. This is testament to the expertise and experience within the industry that Syndeticom has, that we are able to make a difference not just for our own customers but in a global market.

We have recognition from major cabling manufacturers endorsing the philosophy of the Lantro Global Alliance Partnership and providing Global Certification status; such is their confidence in the alliance.

Leaders in Cost Effective, Proven, Locally Supported, DCIM, Barcode, Asset and Connectivity Solutions since 2002.

Australian Distributor for Cormant-CS (a.k.a. CableSolve), the market leading DCIM and cabling records management solution.