Technical Vendor Partners
In a world where connectivity and communication are constant, organisations must ensure the products they are using are straightforward, secure, reliable and rich with features that will optimise business processes and enhance productivity. That is why Syndeticom has selected our technology vendor partners as we have, because we believe in the best and we're here to support it.
We have chosen to partner with only a select few vendors, as they are not only the best of breed solutions in their market, but they also follow the same mantra that we do, which is simplicity for the end user. Speak with one of our experts today to discuss why we have chosen to partner with our vendors and find out why others choose to partner with Syndeticom.

Xima Software – Suppliers of call reporting and recording software for Avaya IP Office.

Xima offers a reporting suite (named Chronicall) that takes only a few minutes to install and shows the details of every event that happened on a call instead of just a vague summary.

Xima can report on all users, groups, and trunks without the licensing headaches that plague other solutions in the marketplace.


Xima Software is the brainchild of a group of former telephony engineers and tech support personnel whom having installed hundreds of phone systems identified a growing need for inexpensive, accurate and easy to use call reporting and recording software. 

They envisaged a reporting suite that would take only a few minutes to install, that would show the details of every event that happened on a call instead of just a vague summary and that could be used to report on all users, groups and trunks without licensing headaches.

With these principles in mind, they developed Chronicall; a powerful and all purpose call history, call recording and real time reporting software suite which provides comprehensive call statistics.

Chronicall is compatible with Avaya IP Office and connects directly to your phone system logging everything that happens on each individual call from the moment it starts to the second it ends. Chronicall will log, in real time, each and every action that takes place during the length of the phone call such as hold, transfer and conference, for later dissemination and analysis. Recording the audio portion of each call is accomplished through the Chronicall Recording Library module which compresses and archives recorded conversations captured by Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro.

In addition to the standard reports available, Chronicall also allows contact center managers to create custom reports to help analyze the data and automatically distribute the reports throughout the business and with the Realtime module, managers and supervisors can see the state of every agent in the center in real time, showing how resources are allocated at any given time and allowing for reallocation before issues arise.

Today’s customers want tailored service that is faster and more accurate than ever before and will no longer tolerate long wait times, overlooked voicemail messages and uninformed agents. Chronicall will enable your business to meet these expectations allowing you to utilise past call history to personalise a customer's experience.

With a simple and attractive interface Chronicall is easy to deploy and by purchasing a single inexpensive site license you are able to report on hundreds of agents, groups, trunks and extensions with little to no phone system configuration required.

Since Chronicall's original release in 2007 it has evolved into a feature rich suite  of historical and real time reporting tools and is used today across the globe to provide powerful statistics to a vast array of businesses, from small offices to large contact centres. With enterprise class features at a small business price, Chronicall is revolutionizing the call reporting industry.

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