Technical Vendor Partners

In a world where connectivity and communication are constant, organisations must ensure the products they are using are straightforward, secure, reliable and rich with features that will optimise business processes and enhance productivity. That is why we at Syndeticom have selected our technology vendor partners as we have, because we believe in the best and we're here to support it.

We have chosen to partner with only a select few vendors, as they are not only the best of breed solutions in their market, but they also follow the same mantra that we do, which is simplicity for the end user.

Speak with one of our experts today to discuss why we have chosen to partner with our vendors and find out why others choose to partner with Syndeticom.

Dell is one of the world’s leading IT infrastructure companies, and has been providing IT solutions to customers in Australia since 1993.

With a focus on digital transformation, Dell Technologies delivers unmatched solutions for cloud-native applications and the Internet of Things, paired with real-time data analytics and integration.