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Trusted storage for the world’s secure information
As the demand for highly-secure data storage continues to grow, making sure the right people are in your data centre has never been more important.

The Data Centre landscape today

The world’s insatiable demands for data storage are growing at an exponential rate, and data centres today are charged with providing the highest levels of uptime, speed, quality, redundancy and security for their ever-increasing customer bases. Syndeticom has been a trusted partner within the most highly-secured data centres in Australia for over 15 years and has on-site permanent technicians in all the major data centres within Sydney.

Our data centre services range from designing and implementing Structured Cabling solutions to providing Smart and Remote Hands technicians. In addition to this, we are changing the traditional FIXED cabling infrastructure into a software defined DYNAMIC physical layer, allowing data centres to now move at the speed of software.

We are proud to have long-standing relationships with our data centre clients, and our teams are trained and certified with all the major infrastructure vendors in the market today. And for that extra peace of mind, our team are all police cleared and select members have relevant defence clearances for working in secure environments.

Hot Topics

How future-proof is your data-centre? With demand for storage space and new connections exploding, getting the infrastructure right is a make-or-break topic. Syndeticom is the Australian partner for some of the world's most ground-breaking technology - ask us for a demo today.

ROME® 500

Why use a technician to physically provision a new connection when a robot can do it? Introducing ROME® (Robotic Optical Management Engine) by Wave2Wave, the ultimate in lights-out data centre management.

Learn more about ROME here, or contact Syndeticom for a demo at our Sydney head office.

Optical Path Exchange (OPX)

Ultra fast connections, super-low 5 nanosecond port-to-port latency and a slim form factor of just 1 RU. Get instant moves, adds and changes via remote software with the Optical Path Exchange from Fiber Mountain.

Learn about the many additional feature of OPX here, or contact Syndeticom for a demo.

Structured Cabling

What exactly is Structured Cabling and why is it important for data centres? Don't allow your cabling infrastructure to grow unchecked - cabling nightmares are easy to avoid with the right installations.

Discover more about Structured Cabling, or contact Syndeticom for a consultation with our experts.

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Data Centre Services

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