Connecting the healthcare industry
Set your healthcare practice apart by adopting a digital-first approach. The benefits will include better patient experience, quality care and improved health outcomes.

From mobile video-conferencing carts to thermal cameras, simulation spaces and video conferencing technologies, Syndeticom has the essential technologies required to help health services stay connected with their patients and healthcare teams.

Technology for healthcare

The landscape for the healthcare industry has drastically changed, particularly because of COVID-19. From hospitals and regional acute centres to residential aged care facilities and allied health networks, there is now an increased need for remote patient care.  

We are custom fit specialists and will work closely with you to design and deliver the best made-for purpose solutions. 

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Some of the solutions we can provide for the health industry include:

➜ Mobile video conferencing carts
➜ Digital signage (Smart Sign)
➜ Video walls Wireless presentation (Vivi)
➜ Body temperature measurement thermal cameras
➜ Meeting room technology (such as displays and room booking panels)
➜ Videoconferencing rooms
➜ MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) rooms
➜ Simulation spaces
➜ Web conferencing systems (such as Teams / Zoom)
➜ Hardware (such as headsets, USB cameras and USB speakerphones)
➜ Sound Masking


Increase the speed and availability of information while maintaining social distancing and preventing virus transmission 

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Audiovisual systems for healthcare

Healthcare digital signage is an effective tool to engage and educate patients. Provide patient queues, waiting room entertainment, wayfinding and much more.

Ensure greater patient privacy with our professional sound masking solutions and professional meeting room technology.

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Body temperature measurement thermal cameras

Being able to detect who has a fever without the need for contact is an essential process, and it is possible to do it with the installation of systems with thermal imaging cameras.

These are devices capable of detecting thermal changes, measuring the temperature with great precision, and using artificial intelligence to detect people and their body temperatures, alerting them if they have a fever.

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Video conferencing for healthcare

Doctors and hospitals can use video conferencing to reduce commuting times, as well as costs associated with attending meetings or events.

Video consultations offer the possibility of a quicker communication process between professionals and quicker access to knowledge. This not only benefits healthcare professionals but also provides patients with quicker, better, and more informed care.

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Future-proof your healthcare network

Healthcare facilities need specialist rooms or spaces to house their ICT equipment. The continued operation of this ICT equipment is critical to the delivery of clinical services and healthcare operations. Whether it is a communications room or data centre, they need to be secure, reliable and operating at all times.

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