Connecting communications for patients, workers and health professionals
From mobile videoconferencing carts to thermal cameras, simulation spaces and video conferencing technologies, Syndeticom provides the essential technologies to help health services stay connected and work collaboratively.

Connecting people who can’t connect physically

The landscape for healthcare has drastically changed, with both the need and demand for remote patient care. From hospitals and regional acute centres to residential aged care facilities and allied health networks, medical facilities are now implementing state-of-the-art technology such as body-temperature measurement thermal cameras and mobile videoconferencing carts.

Syndeticom are custom fit specialists and our team love working closely with clients to identify their needs and design the best made-for purpose solutions. Some of the many solutions we can provide for the health industry include:

  • Mobile Videoconferencing Carts
  • Digital Signage (Smart Sign)
  • Wireless Presentation (Vivi)
  • Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Cameras
  • Meeting Room Technology (display, laptop input, room booking panel etc.
  • Videoconferencing Rooms
  • MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team Rooms) which generally feature a videowall
  • Simulation spaces, integrating technology for simulation manikins/training
  • Integration of web conferencing systems such as Teams / Zoom
  • Hardware such as headsets, USB cameras and USB speakerphones


Technology and Solutions

Syndeticom's team are on hand to help you find the perfect solutions.

Video Conferencing Rooms

Video Conferencing Rooms

From medical students accessing remote learning, to team meetings or connecting to an inter-state specialist, video conferencing capabilities are a must for modern health centres.
Digital Signage and Video Walls

Digital Signage and Video Walls

Video walls make a great addition to multi-disciplinary team rooms.
Meeting Room Technology

Meeting Room Technology

Keep meeting rooms working efficiently with cohesive meeting room technology. Syndeticom are experts in setting up meeting room displays, laptop inputs, room booking panels and all other meeting room requirement needs.
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