Avaya Business Wireless

Fabric Connect Technology Extended to Wireless and BYOD


Business Wireless

Enterprise wireless local area networks (WLANs) continue to grow at a rapid pace, driven by the explosion of Wi-Fi enabled devices, BYOD and applications. It is imperative that wireless LAN networks handle this rapid growth and meet the requirements that the myriad of applications place on the infrastructure.

As a market-leader in collaborative UC and Video applications, Avaya understands the challenge that applications, especially real time applications, pose. We are also aware that at the end of the day, users care about one thing – the user experience.

The Avaya Wireless LAN infrastructure delivers a wireless network that supports the way you really work. It delivers a network that allows you to take full advantage of the applications that matter to you, anywhere in your organization - while helping ensure a high quality user experience.

Whether the problem be in a commercial enterprise or an education institution, Syndeticom has a solution for your needs using the state of the art technology brought to us by Avaya.