Always-on secure management for your critical network infrastructure

Access your network remotely and increase your network resilience.

Syndeticom provides Opengear’s innovative and state of the art out-of-band management solutions for your IT infrastructure.

Opengear offers streamlined remote management of network, server and power infrastructure, in Schools, Data Centers and Government agencies who have identified a need to manage remote sites and ensure continued learning & business continuity with secure and reliable access.

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See how Opengear's smart out-of-band management solution works:

Out-of-band network management is perfect for use in:

Data Centres

Data Centres

Out-of-bound management allows your network and systems admins to access, monitor, configure, and troubleshoot infrastructure gear wherever it resides — remotely.
Education Campuses

Education Campuses

Provide network engineers the ability to manage infrastructure at multiple sites remotely. Creating an alternative path to access the primary site when the network is down, educational institutions can ensure uptime at various campuses and schools.
Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Opengear Smart Out-of-Band allows government agencies to manage systems, devices, and equipment remotely. If an outage occurs, they are able to identify and resolve the issue quickly.
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Opengear products for every environment

  • IM7200 Infrastructure Manager

    IM7200 Infrastructure Manager

    Streamline remote management of network, server and power infrastructure in data centers and large environments. By pairing Smart Out-of-Band and Failover to cellular, proactive monitoring and remediation is enabled.
  • CM7100 Console Server

    CM7100 Console Server

    Opengear CM7100 Console Server, with up to 96 serial ports, offers built-in redundancy, reliability and flexibility via out-of-band management.
  • ACM7004-LMP Resilience Gateway

    ACM7004-LMP Resilience Gateway

    Opengear’s ACM7004-LMP Resilience Gateway with Smart Out-Of-Band Management ensures uptime at branches and remote sites with built-in cellular connectivity.
  • ACM7000 Remote Site Gateway

    ACM7000 Remote Site Gateway

    Remote site network monitoring is simple and effective with Opengear’s ACM7000 Remote Site Gateway console server with Smart Out-Of-Band Management
  • Environmental Monitoring Products

    Environmental Monitoring Products

    Environmental Monitoring for automated response and alerts when the data room environment changes – smoke, water, temperature, vibration, door contacts.
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