ROME 500

ROME® - Robotic Optical Management Engine
Robotic Optical Switching for Data Centres
Imagine physically provisioning a new connection within seconds, without human hands. Now meet ROME®, the robotic technology revolutionising data centre management.

In the age of cloud, social media, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT), the fundamental backend is the data center. In this environment, East-West data center traffic is growing at an incredible pace that manual data center management practices cannot support. The patented ROME solutions provide a very high level of reliability, future-proofing and cost efficiency to address these increasing demands.

“Today’s digital trends are putting pressure on data centers, and even more pressure on the network architects who design and upgrade them,” said David Wang, founder and CEO of Wave2Wave. “ROME is a game-changing tool. It reduces the physical cabling in the traditional data center infrastructure by more than 10 times, allowing flexibility, intelligence and control that never existed before.”

ROME can be integrated with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) or network management software and is ideal for data center operators, telcos, enterprises with IT infrastructure, and large technology test labs. Building on the successful deployments of ROME 360, the ROME 500 platform is designed in a 19-inch chassis with significantly increased density and reduced cost. ROME 500, ROME MAX (1600 Fibres) and ROME MAX-T (2000 Fibres) are now available worldwide.

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