Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

You can only manage what you can measure!


What is DCIM?

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (aka DCIM) is not a new concept, but has only recently been defined (as recently as 2012) as a suite of solutions which standardise and expand on existing platforms to help organisations manage their data centres more efficiently, with better visibility and ultimately, higher uptime at a lower cost.

Wikipedia describes DCIM as:

An emerging form of data center management which extends the more traditional systems and network management approaches to now include the physical and asset-level components. DCIM leverages the integration of information technology (IT) and facility management disciplines to centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data center's critical systems. Essentially it provides a significantly more comprehensive view of ALL of the resources within the data center.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Data center infrastructure management

Why is DCIM the "Hot Topic" at the moment?

Organisations for many years have been using all sorts of tools to help them manage the huge amounts of infrastructure within a Data Centre including:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Static rack layouts
  • Power utilisation from various sources
  • And most importantly, regular physical audits

So it was only a matter of time before a unifying solution came along to help tie these key components together in the one package; enter the various DCIM products suites available on the market today!

Having an all in one solution, from power utilisation down to spare rack units, gives you the power to make dynamic decisions on how you manage the white space of your data centre from one day to the next, at a fraction of the ongoing overheads.

So as every business these days is putting more and more focus on driving efficiencies (whether that be human resources or energy efficiencies) DCIM is becoming increasingly relevant.

Don't be left behind trying to manage an ever growing inefficient data centre using old methods just because you believe they are saving you money...remember if you cannot measure it you cannot manage it.

Speak to one of Syndeticom's expert data centre specialists today to learn how you can ultimately save time, money and energy, all the while increasing your data centre uptime!

Why the Plus (+)?

There are many DCIM products out there today, however there is only one product on the market which currently provides what we call DCIM+... Cormant CS.

We believe that whilst there is an important focus on many aspects of DCIM, there is still little focus on a key part:

  • Connectivity +

The importance of knowing what is connected to what cannot be overlooked in a complete DCIM solution.  Yes, it's important knowing what physical gear you have in a DC, but it's just as important to know its connectivity (or lack of) and it's dependencies.

There are a few players on the market that offer connectivity within their DCIM solution, but very few offer the flexibility and ease of use as Cormant CS.

Cormant CS is a product which started on the market in 2002, and with the help of our customers, has improved and now provides complete end-to-end visual representations of entire networks, campuses or data centres at the click of a button, or the scan of a barcode.

Next time you evaluate a DCIM solution, make sure you include that all important "+" because remember, a data centre is nothing without its connectivity.