Fit-Out Cabling Office Refurbs and New Constructions

Syndeticom's Office Fit-out Cabling team has been providing premium cabling solutions to businesses since 1992.

Our trained and experienced technicians understand the importance of having a quality, reliable cabling structure and will design and engineer your cabling system ensuring it meets our strict installation guidelines. At Syndeticom our full-time technicians have an average of 7 years of employment with us and that’s how we can guarantee our quality.

Today our office data cabling is carrying up to 1000x the data per second it used to, with real-time applications such as VoIP and Video Conferencing requiring nano second network response times to maintain the quality that we now expect from our technology.

With our expert advice and industry knowledge you can trust Syndeticom to provide better and smarter cabling solutions that will reduce your costs and enhance the speed and efficiency of your operations. Syndeticom is a certified quality communications specialist with a wide range of cabling vendors’ solutions and our installation technicians are trained to meet both these stringent vendor requirements and to implement Australian standards.

Once installed Syndeticom can deliver regular and thorough audits of your cabling system including the following:

  • Full cabling system audit of voice connections at all cross-connect points and updating of cabling records
  • Checks against the main distribution frame (MDF) records with your monthly telephone bill to ensure that the services you are paying for are being utilised
  • Field audits to establish active voice devices and the removal of redundant services
  • Documentation of network and supply of completed drawings of physical layout
  • Labelling of equipment within the Communications Room to provide easy identification of equipment and connectivity

Syndeticom also provides a variety of electrical services for both commercial and office environments including:

  • Sub-main sizing and installation including distribution board layouts
  • Load balancing and monitoring
  • Co-ordination with electrical service providers including metering
  • General and dedicated power including UPS sizing, supply and installation
  • General, decorative, emergency and exit lighting
  • Power audits and layouts
  • Routine equipment tagging and testing
  • Routine thermal imaging and reporting to verify the integrity of those critical electrical connections and services

Talk to Syndeticom today about how you can save your business time, money and headaches with your office cabling infrastructure.