Avaya On-Premise Telephony
State-of-the-art solutions from a long-standing, trusted vendor
Traditional PABX infrastructure is trusted by businesses around the world to deliver excellent voice and communication solutions. For many companies and institutions, this remains the most ideal model for their business.

At Syndeticom we work collaboratively with our customer base to provide solutions that our clients not only want, but more importantly need. We work hard to make our customers’ lives easier so they can focus on the day-to-day running of their businesses.

Syndeticom provides active equipment set up and support for businesses, through our team of experienced and trained professionals. We focus on using best-in-breed technologies so our clients can enjoy the benefits of communication technology without the difficulties of implementing and maintaining complex systems.

Not only will a first-rate, unified communication technology optimise business processes, but clients also find that improving and providing a consistent user experience can greatly increase customer satisfaction.

So whether you want to know about Wireless Networking, VoIP, Unified Communications, Network Switches, Firewalls, VPN technology or simply how to reduce your ongoing IT expenditure, Syndeticom can provide your business with the right solution to fit your budget.

Avaya is a global leader in business collaboration and communication providing enterprises of all sizes with Unified Communications solutions and technologies that are straightforward, streamlined and scalable.

Avaya believe that technology should enable collaboration and their people-centric approach fuels connectivity, enabling communication and collaboration in real time and helping organisations to increase productivity and responsiveness.

This like-minded approach is the reason we have been working with Avaya products and technology since 1996, and why we are proud to count them amongst our technology vendor partners.