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Telephony, VoIP and Communications

  • Ever wondered if you are getting the right advice on your telephone carriage?
  • Do you know if you have all of the type of carrier services for your business?
  • Not sure if you are paying for redundant services that were disconnected years ago?

These are all questions that many businesses face on an everyday basis and end up paying $1000's year on year for services that are not fit for purposes, or not even connected anymore.

Syndeticom's team of communications experts understand the technologies behind the carrier services and can decipher the techno-babble they use to sign you up to more monthly commitments, and since we have no allegiances with any carriers you can trust that our advice is completely independent and not biased towards any one carrier or service available on the market today.

So whether you are looking to save money on your existing services, or designing an entirely new network to support your business, Syndeticom has the team to support your IT communications strategy.


Data Centre Infrastructure

If your business is considering a move into a co-location data centre, or planning a build of a new one, Syndeticom has both the hands on experience of fitting out the services as well as the knowledge to design and specify.

We have been working with our customers on the design of their Data Centres since the 1990's when they were still considered large Computer Rooms.  This experience along with the up to date product knowledge has enabled us to remain current with our advice and engineering knowledge.

On a high level, items that you need to consider when thinking about a data centre migration that we can assist with are as follows:

  • Air-Conditioning and Air-flow (HVAC)
  • Power capacity, back-up and monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring and alerts
  • Cabinet and Rack sizing, positioning and security
  • Cable pathways
  • Fire suppression
  • Cabling capacity planning, redundancy and re-usability
  • Access Control

So if you are thinking about a data centre migration today, why not contact one of our resident experts and see find out why we are the right people to help you scope your project.