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Migration Services

Migrating or relocating an existing data centre from one operating environment to another without causing data loss or downtime is a complex operation. Lucky for you, we specialise in complex.


We run a tight ship. A really tight ship. Which is handy, because data centre migrations involve considerable planning and coordination between multiple teams, including network, security, application, server, storage, facilities and compliance teams. If you’re looking for smooth sailing, then climb aboard.


Our experienced data centre migration specialists are fully-trained and well-equipped to help you get it done on time and within budget. We use proven processes to ensure the highest levels of availability, the lowest risk and the fastest migration times possible.

Migration Services

Risk management

Unplanned financial, time and physical risks can delay a data centre migration. This is why we plan, plan and plan every aspect of the move, down to the smallest detail. From a simple move involving just a few cabinets to a highly complex migration with hundreds of cabinets. We are here to keep your mission-critical equipment up and running. We will protect your assets – and your sanity.

Migration services

Full Service Migration

We will support you with the physical movement of your ICT equipment. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, but we are flexible in our approach to facilitating and migrating digital infrastructure. We provide end-to-end solutions covering everything from initial discovery auditing to the delivery of full cabling solutions. So while our remote hands get busy, you can sleep easy.


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Data Centre Migration

Data centre migration – in 8 easy steps

1. Choose an expert

An experienced partner is essential for any complex data centre move

2. Know the environment

Decide what stays in racks, what gets separated, and how you’ll maintain up-time throughout

3. Manage application availability

Every connection between critical apps, storage, and servers must be mapped out and planned with loaner equipment or asset swaps as needed

4. Prep for power-up

Ensure circuit installations schedules have been adhered to, so when you hit the go-live switch everything is ready


5. Remove the guesswork

Choose experienced, professional movers, get appropriate levels of insurance coverage, and arrange for security if necesary

6. Maintain communication

From responsibilities to contact info, make sure everyone on your team is reachable and ready to contribute as needed

7. Have a contingency plan

On moving day, ensure any worst-case-scenarios have been planned out

8. Test and re-test

Everything from circuits to software. Once you go live, make sure you have a plan in place to prep for OEM re-certification