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Finance Company B

Remote Hands and Structured Cabling works

*Due to confidentiality requirements, our client can only be identified as Finance Company B.

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Finance Company B


This project included multiple challenges in a highly critical environment. Our client, a global financial entity, required relocation of over 50 in-production devices, along with all connections, to be moved without disrupting their network during business hours in order for them to “go live” again each Monday morning.

The relocation required coordination of network engineers, data technicians and logistics teams to all work harmoniously with each other for a seamless and systematic pattern of power down, pack up, transport, rack, stack and re-connect.

Finance Company B


Syndeticom worked with the client to dissect the migration into 12 stages. Each of these stages was planned to take place over a weekend and had very detailed work procedures to ensure all aspects of this highly sensitive endeavour were accounted for within the tight timeframe.

Finance Company B


Projects of this magnitude very often have unforeseen complications. Syndeticom proved to be flexible and innovative when the client introduced new requirements for a phone system that presented itself mid-project. A range of solutions was quickly provided, custom cabling was fabricated and installed and the client was extremely impressed at how this was handled under the pressure of such a sensitive project.

Syndeticom are specialists in various fields – they are not just electricians, data cablers, AV or remote hands technicians – they encompass many business lines employing highly experienced tradespeople from various backgrounds.

This breadth of extensive knowledge is the fundamental reason Syndeticom are an asset to partner with. Their ‘library’ of experience can be drawn upon for any digital infrastructure project, allowing clients to feel comfortable engaging a team who will work alongside them to achieve a successful outcome.

From our Client


“Our relocation as part of our Systems #10 Migration last weekend was a great success!

Thank you to Syndeticom and the team for all their efforts in delivering the various components and implementing the underlying cabling to meet our design requirements in record time.

These types of outcomes remind me why we strategically engaged Syndeticom for our professional and challenging works and emphasises the trust and confidence developed from day one in living up to our partnering expectation.”

Senior Network Project Manager
Finance Company B