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ICT and Technical Services

Got network headaches or technical conundrums? We can deploy, install, test, encode, configure and even put your stuff in the cloud. Whatever it takes to get you connected and secure, our team have got you covered.


The shift to the cloud has drastically changed how we all work, communicate, learn and live. As it continues to revolutionise all parts of the human experience, we tech-geeks are evolving too. So if you need a hand updating your technology, let’s connect and get digital!

ICT & IT Services

Our Smart Building Network Capabilities

Let us take you through some key information on our integrated communications network experience and capabilities.

Syndeticom have been operating in the construction and ICT markets for over 20 years, and more recently have been completing many high profile ICN projects including 6-8 Parramatta Square and Australian Technology Park Building 1, as well as multiple high -profile data centres where appropriate design, reliability and accuracy are paramount to the success of the building asset.

Check out our video to learn more.

ICT & IT Services

Unified Communications

Whether it’s cloud or on-premise telephony you are after, our unified communications solutions and technologies will be recommended by experts who are here to help.

ICT & IT Services

ICN & Smart Buildings

Our smart building solutions bring the future to you, today.

  • Active networks including switching, routing, firewalls, security, WiFi
  • Network performance testing and network monitoring
  • Passive network (fibre or copper)
  • Servers and storage
  • Internet of Things
ICT & IT Services


Improve your network performance with a wireless network survey. Design, configure and maintain data cables; our network managed service will keep your data flowing.

ICT & IT Services

Managed Services

In need of IT support? We deliver outsourced BAU functions in a managed service format. Data centre, smart hands or office operations, including end-user support, asset management and network management. You name it, we can help.

Your Digital Infrastructure Partner

Committed to excellence

As your technology partner, it is our duty to be as responsive as possible. We can support you with both simple and complex information and communications technology requirements while ensuring you are informed of technological developments that could impact your core operation.


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