Wi-Fi and Surveys

Wi-Fi is so important these days, and our solutions provide reliable connectivity for all users. Wi-Fi 6 is coming. Have you future-proofed wireless for your business?


Are you in need of some new Point to Point links? Do you have a cable management plan that can adapt to your changing business needs? Are your data cabling solutions delivering optimal performance and reliability? In need of advice? We’d be happy to help.

Digital Transformation

Planning for coverage and capacity is a key factor for any wifi system and for this reason we recommend a site survey before any installation.

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Wireless Experience and Capabilities

Learn about Syndeticom’s wireless survey, design experience and capabilities, as Jamie, our Client Services Business Line Manager takes you on a tour in this video. See what a wireless survey looks like in action and how our team can help troubleshoot your network woes.

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Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi Network Design

There are many factors involved in designing a reliable, secure, and available wireless network. Rational planning and design, based on a thorough preliminary evaluation, can ensure that a wireless local area network (WLAN) will work the first time and allow ease of expansion without disruption. A well-designed WLAN will provide many years of reliable service, and the return on investment (ROI) will be realised much sooner.

Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi Site Survey

Our wireless surveys or wifi survey services play a vital role in the successful design of a wifi network. The survey will calculate critical deployment considerations such as wifi coverage, access point locations, interference and network cabling requirements. Our survey will be tailored to meet your business environment. Now that’s nifty.

Wi-Fi Services

Network Cabling Solutions

Our team of experts will design a network and cabling plan which will enable your business to grow. We can also provide office moving or relocation cabling services. Giving you long-term performance, flexibility, scalability and reliability to your business. Now that’s a sound investment!

Knowledge centre

10 factors affecting Wi-Fi performance


Correct antenna selection is important

Power levels

Optimising cells to increase throughput


Knowing which band and channel widths to use


Understanding maximum airtime utilisation limits

Fragmentation and aggregation

Adjusting fragmentation size to gain throughput efficiencies


Legacy support

Turning off legacy radio to prevent co-channel interference

Data rates

Understanding legacy vs newer data rates to improve speed and airtime

QoS multimedia extensions

Setting application priorities over WiFi

Non-WiFi interference

Spectrum analysis can identify the source of interfering hardware

Higher level protocol

Ensuring application layers have been configured correctly


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