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Solutions and Services

If you’ve got a digital infrastructure project, then we’re the people to make it happen. Our services span a broad range of specialties, including audio visual, client services, fitout, data centre and ICT & technical services. Not only does our skillset make us ideal partners for many complex jobs, we also have the in-house experts to help you design and plan your digital infrastructure project.

Check out our different solutions and service offerings below, and get in touch with us today to find out if we’re the right implementation partner for you.

Solutions & Services

Solutions by department

Audio Visual

From complex design and build projects to simple interactive screen installation, our specialist Audio Visual team delivers bespoke solutions tailored to your business.

Client Services

Our client services team can manage all your cabling and data requirements from as little as a simple device upgrade through to a vast multi-site rollout.

Data Centre

Syndeticom has been a trusted partner within the most highly-secured data centres in Australia for over 15 years and has on-site permanent technicians in many of the major data centres within Sydney.


We are experts in installing network and cabling infrastructure for any new build or refurbishment project.

ICT and Technical Services

We provide a range of services, including ICN and Smart building solutions, WiFi improvement, managed services and unified communications solutions.

Telephony Solutions

Whether you are looking for on-premise or cloud-based telephony solutions, call centre solutions or a video conferencing platform, we can help.

Solutions & Services

Our specialist services


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Syndeticom are Digital Infrastructure Specialists, offering a wide range of solutions across multiple industries since 1992. With four offices across three states, Syndeticom are favoured providers for both Australian and international clients.



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