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Where it all began

The name Syndeticom comes from the Greek word ‘syndetic’, meaning ‘to connect’. Thus, Syndeticom means connecting communications.


Many years ago, a young hot-shot electrical engineer cross cabling Yoda decided to start his own business. True story. The year was 1992 and Randall Lumbewe was teaching Electronics and Telecommunications Trade courses through Sydney’s TAFE network. One day he thought, “Hey, I know loads about this stuff. I should start a business.” So, he chose the most easy-to-pronounce and easy-to-understand name he could think of, and founded Syndeticom Electrical and Communications.

Over the next few years, Syndeticom expanded almost entirely by word-of-mouth. In fact, clients would seek out Randall, knowing his reputation and that of his company to deliver the best work around. Soon Syndeticom was a thriving electrical and communications business, serving customers all across Sydney.

Since its inception, the Syndeticom team have been leaders in cabling technology. In the timeline below you’ll see a heap of impressive facts, milestones and qualifications, but the key thing to know is that we steadily grew with the help of a whole team of fantastic people, many of whom still work with us today. In the last decade, Syndeticom’s growth has skyrocketed, and our portfolio of communications infrastructure services ranges from electrical and data cabling and data centre services to unified communications solutions, audio visual, remote hands and design services. We also work across a broad range of industries and have specialist experience across the education, finance, government, data centre, commercial, and construction and fit-out sectors.

Today, Syndeticom is run by a fantastic team of dedicated people, and though Randall officially retired in 2019, when he’s not on the golf course or driving track, he’s usually visiting his wonderful Syndeticom team. Learn more about Syndeticom today here, or scroll down to check out our history.

1992: Syndeticom Founded

Randall Lumbewe founds Syndeticom Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd, providing innovative structured cabling solutions.

1993: First Siemon Cabling Certified Installer

Syndeticom is the first partner to complete training and be appointed a Certified Installer for Siemon Cabling System.

1995: #1 Prestige Partner for Systimax Cabling

Syndeticom is appointed as No. 1 Prestige Business Partner for Systimax Cabling System.

1996: Telecommunications Systems Team established

Syndeticom branches out from cabling solutions and creates a telecommunications systems team to further serve our clients.

1997: NECA Membership

Syndeticom joins the National Electrical Contractors Association.

1998: First critical data centre cabling system

Syndeticom designs and installs our first critical data centre structured cabling system.

1999: Second critical data centre structured cabling system

Syndeticom designs and installs our second critical data centre structured cabling system.

2000: Syndeticom moves offices

Syndeticom outgrows its first office, and moves into its new head office premises at 50 Balgowlah Road.

2000: Technical Services team established

Syndeticom’s Technical Services team is formed, offering a further level of support and services to our growing customer base.

2000: Sydney’s first co-location data centre installation

Syndeticom completes the design and installation of structured cabling for Sydney’s first major multi-tenanted co-location data centre.

2001: Endorsed by Federal Government

Syndeticom becomes a Federal Government endorsed supplier.

2002: ITS2065 Approved

Syndeticom is approved by the NSW State Control Board for ITS2065.

2002: Panduit Partners

Syndeticom becomes a Panduit partner

2003: ITS2067 Approved

Syndeticom is approved by the NSW State Control Board for ITS2067.

2003: Certified for ADC Krone installations

Syndeticom is certified for ADC Krone installations.

2005: LantroVision Global Alliance

Syndeticom is the first partner invited to join the LantroVision Global Alliance.

2007: First ADC Krone cabling system

Syndeticom completes the first ADC Krone CAT6A Shielded cabling system.

2008: LGAP formalised; Randall elected VP

The LantroVision Global Alliance Partnership (LGAP) is formalised as a Registered entity in Singapore. Randall Lumbewe is elected Vice President.

2012: MacTel Intellicentre 2 structured cabling

Syndeticom completes the backbone structured cabling system for Macquarie Telecom’s Intellicentre 2.

2013: Permanent Data Centre Staff

Permanent Syndeticom staff are located at Ultimo Colocation Data Centre to maintain carrier service cross-connects.

2015: APAC distributer for OPX

Syndeticom is appointed the APAC distributor for Fibre Mountain’s Optical Path Exchange.

2015: Western Sydney office opens

Due to Syndeticom’s recent rapid expansion, a new office is opened in Western Sydney to cater for our growing staff and growing client base.

2015: Audio Visual team established

Syndeticom creates a business division dedicated entirely to our growing Audio Visual customers, employing Audio Visual experts from across Sydney.

2016: Syndeticom Victoria opens

Syndeticom opens a new office in Melbourne, helping to serve our cross-state customers and provide a higher level of service and support.

2016: Distributor for ROME

Syndeticom is appointed the Australian distributor for Fiber Smart Networks Robotic Optical Management Engine (ROME).

2017: Premier Partner for CommScope Systimax

Syndeticom is appointed as a Premier Partner for CommScope Systimax.

2017: Syndeticom Canberra opens

Due to growing demand in the data centre space in Canberra, Syndeticom opens a new office in Canberra.

2019: Syndeticom shortens name

Syndeticom Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd officially changes to Syndeticom Pty Ltd.

2019: Randall retires; new Managing Director

Randall Lumbewe officially retires from Syndeticom, and Linden Lumbewe becomes the new Managing Director.

2022: Syndeticom Celebrates 30 Years

Founded in 1992, this year Syndeticom is celebrating our 30 year anniversary!

2022: Alexandria Office opens

With the company continuing to grow, Syndeticom opens a third office in Sydney, in Alexandria. This becomes Sydneticom’s fifth active office.