An expert, local partner with the clearances and experience for government projects.
Syndeticom has a solid track record working for a range of government departments. With certifications on numerous government ICT panels, Syndeticom has the knowledge and experience to work across both local and federal government projects.

Government Services

Syndeticom works extensively with the Government sector across a range of different projects and solutions. From 900-site audits and cabling rollouts across regional NSW to office and facility cabling fit-outs, Syndeticom has the scope to handle any project either large or small. In addition to ad-hoc works, Syndeticom provides ongoing business-critical support across the NSW government Data Centre Environments.

Syndeticom partners with various state government departments including the NSW Department of Justice, NSW Department of Transport and NSW Department of Education to name a few. We work with various federal government entities in Canberra and Sydney and also provide services and support to local government.

Certified on numerous government ICT panels such as SCM0020 and NSW GovDC Market Place, Syndeticom is familiar with the constraints, requirements and various protocols of doing business with government departments. We are happy to provide referees within government on the various projects and relationship we have developed over time.

In addition to standard personnel police checks and security clearances, we also have a large number of staff members with NV1 and NV2 Defence clearances.

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