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Better cabling means a faster performing network and in today's world of constant online activity organisations without the correct cabling infrastructure will find communication with their clients becomes slow and inefficient.

Syndeticom Data Centre Services will provide your organisation with the flexibility and uptime you require, ensuring you have the highest quality connections running at full capacity.

You can trust Syndeticom Data Centre Services to carry your business into the future with smarter, better cabling that ensures your data is travelling at the highest possible speed.

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Why Structured Cabling?

What are Cable Pathways?

If you have the time to study the relevant standards of the Telecommunications Industry Association or local equivalent then you most likely either have an immediate need to design an infrastructure cabling system or you are suffering from insomnia.

TIA-569-B "Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces" provides a detailed overview of the things to think about when designing and installing a cable pathway system, but in a more shortened form:

  • A Telecommunications Pathway is the physical environment in which telecommunications cabling is guided through a structure (a building, a service tunnel, a campus environment).
  • A cable pathway could be a conduit, a cable tray, fibre ducting, non-continuous fasteners (J-Hooks, U-Hooks, bridle rings), an underfloor ducting system, a surface raceway system, an office furniture system and so on.
  • Certain pathway systems provide better solutions for specific cabling requirements and challenges than others.

Fibre Density

With the growing need for higher and higher speed connections and the push to cloud services (private, public, hybrid or otherwise) the number of network connections within data centres is constantly on the rise.

To combat the cost of usable rack space, data centre managers need to achieve ultra high density in structured cabling to accommodate this growing number of connections.  Multimode fibre optics has become the de-facto medium of the future for satisfying the growing need for transmission speed and data volume over short distances due to the relatively cheap transmitter/receiver equipment.

Combining both ultra high density structured cabling and fibre optics has resulted in MPO/MTP fibre cables, which has ultimately led to the technology of Parallel Optics. These multi-fibre connectors bring together 12 or 24 fibres in a single interface just as compact as an RJ45 connector.  It is a suitable solution for high-performance data networks in data centres.

MPO / MTP Fibre Systems

Multiple-Fibre Push-On/Pull-off connectors have been around for a long time already, but only seem to be coming in to vogue now due to the increasing demands for higher bandwidth services and evolution in the active networking equipment available.

Offering typically 12 fibres factory terminated within the one cable, the MPO/MTP fibre system allows for quick deployment with an almost "plug & play" type installation (except for cleaning and testing).

Polarity of the MPO/MTP connectors and trunk cables is where the systems become tricky, but is the key to getting this "plug & play" solution to work for your current and future needs.  As most applications today are still using 10Gb connections the MPO/MTP solution is simply a neater solution than your traditional field terminated FOBOT, however if it is parallel optics you need to facilitate those 40Gb or 100Gb links within your network, then careful planning is required to ensure that the investment you make today is still available to serve you with these applications tomorrow.

Speak with one of our technical experts today to find out the true story behind designing a "plug & play" fibre optic structure cabling system.

Network and Server Racks

Not all network or server racks were created equal, and most do not have half of the design features we have included in our top of the range of high quality racks.

Ask us how we can provide the highest quality racks at the most cost competitive price point in the industry.

Brush Entry Zones

  • Restrict bypass air
  • Dedicated cable entries
  • High density in up to 28 areas

Labelling & Expansion

  • Laser ID labelling
  • Multiple ID Label Zones
  • Mounting for cable baskets/trays

Recessed Caster Wheels

  • Ease of mobility
  • Adjustable stabilisers
  • Even load capacity

Airflow Management

  • Cold Air Containment options
  • Hot/Cold Aisle compliant
  • Highly efficient airflow

Removable Panel Zone

  • Add fan units
  • Chimney
  • Perforated panels

Tool-less Adjustable Rails

  • Infinite Adjustable
  • Steel Wing Knob Access
  • High grade L-style mtg

Curved Perforated Door

  • Curved for high air flow
  • 3 pint locking system
  • High Strength Integrity

Split Perforated Door

  • 3 point locking system
  • High Perforation Zones
  • Rubber Seal Protection

Intelligent Monitoring

  • Metered/Switched PDUs
  • EMS Monitoring
  • Email/SNMP/SMS

Brush Seal Cable Entry

  • 4 x entry zones
  • Protected by brush seals
  • High Cable Entry Zones

Internally Secured Top

  • Tool-less Top Cover
  • Spring Loaded
  • Internally accessed

Tool less Mounting

  • Mounting of PDUs
  • Cable managers
  • 5 seconds per device
  • Mount in up to 24 areas