At Syndeticom, we work with a wide range of clients from various industries, and they all have their unique priorities and challenges. However, some struggles seem to apply to almost any business – no matter their size or sector.

One of these universal challenges that we hear a lot is communication. Every week, we talk to businesses who struggle to get their message through to the right people at the right time. Given how busy everyone is these days, how competitive many industries are, and how much information is thrown at people every day, it’s no surprise that it can be hard to be seen and heard.

While the problem is obvious, the solution is anything but simple. However, we’ve seen first-hand how, when done right, audio visual technology can help businesses overcome these communication challenges. Innovative AV solutions offer companies new communication channels and help optimise existing channels to ensure effective and seamless communication and collaboration – with customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Among the businesses we work with, two AV solutions have proven to be particularly effective tools in optimising communication. They are video walls and web-conferencing.

While fundamentally different technologies with different use cases, both are designed to help businesses communicate more effectively.

Video walls provide an excellent platform for grabbing the attention of a wide and diverse audience and WOW them with bright, vibrant visuals. Web-conferencing, while less exciting at first sight, is a fundamental tool for many businesses that their people rely on every day.

However, while video walls, web-conferencing and other modern AV technologies can offer many benefits, they can also place a significant burden on your business if not implemented correctly.

And that brings us to a critical point. We often see businesses focus a lot of time and energy on selecting the right AV solutions. While choosing the right products is important, it has been our experience that there is one factor that impacts the long-term success and ROI of AV technology much more than the choice of products. That factor is implementation.

Without proper implementation, even the best tools and solutions can result in communication break-downs, inefficient time utilisation and frustration. Therefore, our number one tip for anyone looking to invest in AV technology to improve communication is to find the right implementation partner.

How do you find the right implementation partner? Here are a few things to look for:

  • Do they have a proven track record of implementing quality solutions?
  • Will they put forward differing budgetary versions for your scope?
  • Do they attract excellent referrals from customers?
  • Do they have a support team that promptly address issues that arise?
  • Do they not only implement the solution but also offer training for your team (when needed) and ongoing support?

Working with a partner that ticks all of these boxes will give you the best chance of implementing AV solutions that will help you improve communication and collaboration – now and for the future.

If you would like to learn more about how AV technology can help you communicate and collaborate more effectively, check out our free guide for video walls and web-conferencing. The guide provides an overview of these two communication technologies and outlines the various benefits, use cases, pitfalls and common mistakes, as well as the key factors organisations need to know about when investigating such a solution.

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