Syndeticom is proud to announce that it is partnering with the Western Sydney Academy of Sport to sponsor 14-year-old cyclist Liam Goltman.

Liam, who recently won six gold medals in Under 15s events at the NSW 2021 Track Cycling Championships, is a hugely talented rising star in the professional cycling circuit, and Syndeticom is thrilled to be able to help support his development and goals moving forwards.

Managing Director, Linden Lumbewe, commented “We have a shared passion for fitness, sport and especially cycling here at Syndeticom, and we know how hard it is for young kids to get anywhere in professional sport. Having the opportunity to support Liam is exactly the kind of meaningful partnership we’re proud to be involved in.”

Syndeticom’s sponsorship will help Liam with his goal of entering a range of cycling events this year as his career and abilities as a cyclist progress.

Syndeticom’s management team met with Liam and Western Sydney Academy of Sport representatives, including CEO Martin Bullock, to formalise the sponsorship and also gift Liam with a Syndeticom cycling jersey. Martin commented “our Ambassador Program is intended to provide personal development opportunities for our athletes, and Liam has taken great benefit from his meeting with the Syndeticom team. We extend our sincere thanks to Linden and the team from Syndeticom for their support”.

Having previously trained for triathlons, Liam is now focussing on his personal abilities as a cyclist and is looking forward to seeing how high he can place in events. “I’m excited to have Syndeticom as a sponsor because it’s my first official joining with a big brand,” Liam commented. “I’m looking forward to seeing what they can add to it.”