You’ve finally finished your degree, and it’s time to get your career on track! Your first role in the workforce as a recent graduate will be one of the most critical influences on the future progression of your career and ultimate job satisfaction.

I remember very well how this time in your life can be so exciting but also sometimes overwhelming.

It can be incredibly challenging to identify what matters the most to you and what to look for in a potential employer – especially when you haven’t worked in that many environments before. Based on my own experience and what I’ve learned throughout my career, I believe there are a few key things to consider when deciding what kind of business you want to start your career in.

Of course, money matters and it can be tempting to simply go with the company that pays the most. However, just because the starting salary is good, it doesn’t mean that it will set you up for a successful career, for opportunities to learn and progress and to earn more money over time.

Here are some things you should look for beyond the salary that’s on offer that can have a significant impact on how well your career will progress in the long run:

  • Is the organisation ready to take on a graduate? Do they have the mentoring facilities to teach and coach you to be the best you can be?
  • Do they have business and professional values that align with your personal values?
  • Are they investing in your ongoing training and upskilling?
  • Do they have a documented training plan for their graduates, or are you just going to be left to sink or swim?
  • As you develop your skills, is there enough scope for you to grow within the business? Is there an opportunity to work in other offices in Australia, or within a global network?

In addition to these questions, you should also consider whether they will be able to give you exposure across various industries and verticals. If you don’t want to get pigeon-holed into one specific sector, you will require a rotation programme where you receive exposure across multiple departments and can learn about different areas of the industry to identify and develop your own interests.

Also, ask yourself if they are growing fast enough to keep you challenged and with the ability to move into new roles in the years ahead. But also consider if they are personal enough to ensure you will not just become a number that can get lost in a big machine.

Most importantly, consider their company culture. Are the other graduates learning, progressing and achieving their goals? Are the managers serious about the development of their people, and if so, how do they demonstrate this? Are the other employees having fun and do they seem genuinely passionate about their teams and the work they are doing?

Considering all of these questions carefully, instead of simply accepting the first offer you receive or the position with the highest salary, will ensure you kick start your career with a company that is invested in you and in developing your skills. This will have a massive impact on your career progression, job satisfaction and income potential in the long-term.

At Syndeticom, our graduate programme is designed to give you the best career start possible. The programme encompasses relevant industry exposure, putting theory and academic knowledge into practice, and is focused on professional mentoring and technical and professional training. It’s also designed for you to have fun along the way.

Through our graduate programme, we offer you the opportunity to perform multiple roles within our different projects and departments, including:

  • Client Services
  • ICT
  • Fitout and Construction
  • Audio Visual
  • Data Centre
  • Sales & Estimating
  • Finance

During the 24 month programme, you will have the opportunity to spend time with some of those teams, allowing you to develop a solid base knowledge, professional skills and networks.

In other words, our graduate programme is an excellent way to launch yourself and to make sure you receive the support, training and exposure that will form the foundation of a long, successful career.

Learn more about our graduate program here.